Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's this? We are selling FOOD?

Most of you know that chiropractic and 'natural' go hand in hand.  I'm a big believer of supplementing our diets with the minerals and vitamins that we miss, and also using those minerals and vitamins to lower inflammation in our bodies.  My wife is also a big believer in anything organic EVERYTHING probiotic.  

For example, she was one of those mom's with our first child that believed she needed to make baby food from scratch and it had to be organic.  All the food was then frozen into little ice cube trays and given special names like "bacado" (banana and avacado) and "bears" (beets and pears).  Then came her gardening attempts, but that's a whole other blog post.

Steph has had this idea for awhile that she wanted to bring a co-op to our downtown office so that our patients would have an opportunity to bring home locally grown produce and other products.  Then an amazing thing happened.  Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden of Life supplements, author of several books including "The Maker's Diet," "Perfect Weight America," and "The Raw Truth" started another company, Beyond Organics and opened it up to independent contractors called Mission Marketers.

Beyond Organics sells green fed beef, Raw Cheese, probiotic infused chocolate, water, flax oil, and cultured dairy products to name a few.  The company goes live in October.  Be looking for more information in the office on how to purchase these items for the health of your family.

Contact Stephanie for more information or go to www.beyondorganicinsider.com for more information.

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