Thursday, June 23, 2011

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Lives.

I've got big plans for our patients.  So many of us aren't getting the nutrients that we need from our diets.  We feel tired, achy, sick...just plain gross.  I know, I talk to all of you and so many of you share this with me.  Just know that you aren't alone.  You come see Dr. Holmberg because you are seeking balance in your life through chiropractic.  You don't feel right on medications...they may fix one thing, but they 'cause' something else.  Again, you aren't alone in that either.

There's no magic pill out there, but I think all of us know that everything we put into our body affects the way we feel, think, act, and exist.  Over the last decade or so the media has bombarded us with the scary statistics of what we are consuming in the form of toxins from plastics, poisons from pesticides, antibiotics in our meats, pharmaceuticals in our water, etc.

You already know you can get your Anabolic Laboratories supplements in our office.  But how fantastic would it be if you could come in for your appointment or just drop by and place an order for locally grown produce through a co-op, Green Fed beef (not just grass fed, even grass fed can be full of toxins), Raw Cheeses, Amasai (a cultured dairy product available for the first time in the US), and probiotic infused waters, flax oils and chocolate?

It will happen!  I hope to have the co-op here for you sometime before October, and the rest after October 2011.  Get excited friends!  If you have questions about this, call me.  If you are interested in learning about the beef, cheeses, Amasai or probiotic infused products, please visit and visit the product information tab.

If you are interested in becoming a Mission Marketer, my enroller number is 23442.  I'd be happy to sponsor you!

Stephanie Holmberg
Beyond Organic
Downtown Chiropractic

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's this? We are selling FOOD?

Most of you know that chiropractic and 'natural' go hand in hand.  I'm a big believer of supplementing our diets with the minerals and vitamins that we miss, and also using those minerals and vitamins to lower inflammation in our bodies.  My wife is also a big believer in anything organic EVERYTHING probiotic.  

For example, she was one of those mom's with our first child that believed she needed to make baby food from scratch and it had to be organic.  All the food was then frozen into little ice cube trays and given special names like "bacado" (banana and avacado) and "bears" (beets and pears).  Then came her gardening attempts, but that's a whole other blog post.

Steph has had this idea for awhile that she wanted to bring a co-op to our downtown office so that our patients would have an opportunity to bring home locally grown produce and other products.  Then an amazing thing happened.  Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden of Life supplements, author of several books including "The Maker's Diet," "Perfect Weight America," and "The Raw Truth" started another company, Beyond Organics and opened it up to independent contractors called Mission Marketers.

Beyond Organics sells green fed beef, Raw Cheese, probiotic infused chocolate, water, flax oil, and cultured dairy products to name a few.  The company goes live in October.  Be looking for more information in the office on how to purchase these items for the health of your family.

Contact Stephanie for more information or go to for more information.

Dr. Lee Holmberg, D.C.
Downtown Chiropractic
405 232-1332

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Laser Hair Removal, Anyone???

With the invention of technology comes really cool stuff...and some not so cool stuff (like your smart phone tracking your every move and pictures...EEK!)  But, with the cool stuff are things like dishwashers (awesome, no dishpan hands), DVR (I only have 1.5 hours in the evening to absorb about 4 hours of DVR'd programing after the kids are in bed), airplanes (they get me to Costa Rica), and LASER HAIR REMOVAL (I shouldn't have to tell you why this is soooo cool!)

Did you know that I'm doing laser hair removal in Lee's office, Downtown Chiropractic?  I haven't done much advertising yet, but I do have a special every month.

May's monthly special is 30% off of all packages.  Call me if you are interested in being as smooth as a baby's behind!  Oh, and for my curious male clients that don't want to be completely hairless, but don't want to look like a gorilla, I can help you with that too;)

Stephanie Holmberg
Sleek Downtown
120 N. Robinson, Suite 160W
OKC, OK  73102
405 232-1332
405 308-2140

P90 Without the "X"

Well, it is.  I've come to the realization in week five of my P90X training that I'm no spring chicken.  My knees are, simply put, killing me.  (I'm also still blaming this on indoor soccer)  I've decided to take my own disclaimer advice and tailor my training, just a bit.

Starting this week I'm taking out the leg part of my training and replacing it with the elliptical.  You know, it's that piece of machinery that some of us have in various places in our homes that tends to be used as a drying rack for sweaters, wive's dresses, etc.  My kids also love to use the foot plates as 'garages' for Matchbox cars or Lego houses.  We dusted it off, looked everywhere for the adapter and electrical components (found them tucked deep inside a dresser drawer) and started it up.

The important message to this blog is that if you find that your fitness routine isn't working for you, don't just give up on it.  Change it to meet your needs.  Don't let it beat you.

Dr. Lee Holmberg
Downtown Chiropractic
405 232-1332

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dr. Lee's P90X Challenge

I joined a soccer league a few months ago thinking it would be great fun and exercise.  Unfortunately, I missed my team's first practice so I went to our first game completely unaware of how out of shape I really am.  Let me just say that soccer, I thought at this point, is for kids or marathon runners.  I'm neither.  We lost that game with a score 9-1, and our second game was even worse with a score of 12-0.

That's when I decided I had to do something.  I had Stephanie get on that night and order me the P90x.  P90x training and chiropractic go really well together.  It mixes strength training with core and endurance training and stretching.  For those of you who are patients, you know how much I insist on stretching.

I'm in week 2 of my P90X Challenge.  Be watching for the results.  While you are watching, why don't you join me?

My disclaimer:  P90X isn't for everyone.  If you are unsure, come by and talk to me about it.

Dr. Holmberg
Downtown Chiropractic
120 N. Robinson, Suite 160W
OKC  73102