Thursday, May 5, 2011

P90 Without the "X"

Well, it is.  I've come to the realization in week five of my P90X training that I'm no spring chicken.  My knees are, simply put, killing me.  (I'm also still blaming this on indoor soccer)  I've decided to take my own disclaimer advice and tailor my training, just a bit.

Starting this week I'm taking out the leg part of my training and replacing it with the elliptical.  You know, it's that piece of machinery that some of us have in various places in our homes that tends to be used as a drying rack for sweaters, wive's dresses, etc.  My kids also love to use the foot plates as 'garages' for Matchbox cars or Lego houses.  We dusted it off, looked everywhere for the adapter and electrical components (found them tucked deep inside a dresser drawer) and started it up.

The important message to this blog is that if you find that your fitness routine isn't working for you, don't just give up on it.  Change it to meet your needs.  Don't let it beat you.

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